Sky Islands Traverse 2017

Dragoon Mountains, March 2017, photo by Sirena Dufault

From March 15-April 14, 2017 I thru-hiked the Sky Islands Traverse; a 525 mile backcountry route connecting ten “sky island” mountain ranges around southeast, Arizona. This was my fourth, and thus far, most challenging Brett Tucker route. Brett is the genius behind several quality hiking routes in the Southwest. Click HERE for more information!

It is a route intended for the incurable explorers among us, for those perhaps who’ve dabbled in these hills over the years and yearned for something more—for a way of experiencing the untamed beauty of the region in a more engrossing way, without the mind-affecting limitations that come with long road trips out from the city and a vehicle forever beckoning back at the trailhead–Brett Tucker


Dragoons to Hwy 90

Hwy 90 to Patagonia

Saguaro National Park

Sycamore Canyon

Interview Part I

Interview Part II

An Answered Prayer



Thanks to my buddies John Z and Handy Andy for hooking me up with the Pa’Lante Simple Pack (and adding a hip belt) for my hike this summer!

From here the route gets more remote, more rugged, and less defined. The Galiuros and the Santa Teresa highlight the ruggedness and the spirit of this isolated and chiseled country… Dirtmonger, Sky Islands Traverse thru-hiker, 2016

—-> Sky Island Conservation <—-

Redfield Canyon, Galiuros Mountains, April 2017


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