Pacific Crest Trail 2014

Welcome to my 2014 writings!

From April 25 to August 21, 2014 I walked the PCT for a fourth time! It’s just that good.

Crossing the Suiattle River log
Crossing the Suiattle River log

Gear List

Pre-hike brain dribble:


Once upon a mountainy

Chuckanut 50k


Thanks Boys!


Desert brain dribble:

Day 1 Mex border to Boulder Oaks CG

Day 2 Boulder Oaks CG to Pioneer Mail 

Day 3 Pioneer Mail to Scissor’s Crossing

Day 4 Scissor’s Crossing to Barrel Spring

Day 5 Barrel Spring to Trail Angel Mike’s

Day 6 Mike’s to Paradise Cafe

Day 7 zero in Idyllwild

Day 8 Devil’s Slide trail to Water Faucet

Day 9 Faucet to Whitewater Creek

Day 10 Whitewater Creek to Big Bear Hostel cache

Day 11 Cache to Hwy 18

Day 12 zero in Big Bear

Day 13 Hwy 18 to bridge over Deep Creek

Day 14 bridge over Deep Creek to Cleghorn picnic area

Day 15 Cleghorn picnic area to Dirt Road

Day 16 Dirt Road to Hwy 2 (Wrightwood)

Day 17 Hwy 2 to Buckhorn CG

Day 18 Buckhorn CG to Northfork Ranger’s Station

Day 19 Northfork Ranger’s Station to The Saufley’s 

Day 20 zero at The Saufley’s

Day 21 Saufley’s to the Anderson’s (Taco Salad)

Sierra brain dribble:

Day 33 Guitar Lake to Whitney to Bubbs Creek (Whitney and Forester Pass)

Northern California brain dribble:

Day 55 Donner Pass to Sierra City

Day 58 Sierra City to Nelson Creek (Hike Naked Day)

Day 65 Drakesbad Guest Ranch to tent site on Hat Creek Rim

Oregon brain dribble:

Washington brain dribble:

Day 106 and 107 Snoqualmie to Steven’s Pass (Challenge!)

Guthrie and Twinkle in the Sisters Wilderness, Oregon
Guthrie and Twinkle in the Sisters Wilderness, Oregon

One thought on “Pacific Crest Trail 2014

  1. Have loved reading this all tonight! I’ve ben cracking up, the sad for you, rooting for you, then pissing myself laughing again. You write so well, so honest! Thanks for a great read. I’ll have to go back and read all your past hike entries too!

    Liked by 1 person

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