Miles Magic and a Squirrel

Day 10 May 4 Whitewater Creek to Big Bear Hostel Cache 33 miles I was out for blood. I was out to prove to myself that I could hike a 30. I set my alarm for 5 am. By 1 pm I had 19 in the bag, so I poked around Mission Creek for an … Continue reading Miles Magic and a Squirrel

don’t worry bout how I got mine’s

Day 5 April 29 Barrel Spring to Trail Angel Mike's 26 miles Up at 5 am, when did I become a morning person? So here's my secret: buy a 1/8 inch sleeping pad, you'll want to wake up early because it's terribly uncomfortable. See Carrot's blog. Crossing the meadow early morning improves my morale and … Continue reading don’t worry bout how I got mine’s