Git Hiker Trash! Git

Day 9 May 3 Water faucet to Whitewater Creek 14.5 miles "Last one in, first out!" Tarzan sat up from his sleeping bag bewildered. Who was this "American made" girl next door, hikin alone in the dark, gettin up before sun rise, pushin the miles. A girl with cellulite thighs, a strong back, and anxious … Continue reading Git Hiker Trash! Git

don’t worry bout how I got mine’s

Day 5 April 29 Barrel Spring to Trail Angel Mike's 26 miles Up at 5 am, when did I become a morning person? So here's my secret: buy a 1/8 inch sleeping pad, you'll want to wake up early because it's terribly uncomfortable. See Carrot's blog. Crossing the meadow early morning improves my morale and … Continue reading don’t worry bout how I got mine’s