Pacific Crest Trail

Aqueduct, Pacific Crest Trail, 2012

From 2009-2014, I walked over 10,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. In those six years I witnessed it’s rise in popularity, felt the death of it’s innocence, and weighed the good with the bad. More People=More Protection. More People=More Toilet Paper and Less Wildlife. As I watch it become institutionalized and used for personal profit, I can’t help but feel worried. I catch myself beginning sentences with Back Then… 

you could go days without seeing another hiker…

Back Then…

Meadow Mary gave you a massage…for a fee…but you didn’t know that until she was done.

With advances in technology thru-hiking is more convenient, and with that comes an influx of people who don’t know a lick about wilderness ethics. So please babes, tread lightly and practice Leave No Trace.

Please Donate to the Pacific Crest Trail Association


When you’ve hiked the Pacific Crest Trail a lot and people know that, they expect you to be

1. Omniscient about all things PCT (but only on trail, not in online discussion forums)

“How many miles to yadda yadda?”

“Can I get fiesta chili shrimp ramen at this store?”

“What’s the elevation, latitude and longitude of Sheep Lake?”

I’ll try and answer your questions to the best of my knowledge, but I’m not always right. This year I was given the pseudo trail name “Not a Clue;” which testifies to my foggy knowledge. Come on! It’s a long trail! It’s like 2,600 something miles…658?

2. Impervious to everything

I get tired, I get giardia, sometimes I even get a blister.

3. Infallible

I fuck up. Sometimes I don’t pack enough food or water. Sometimes I walk down the wrong trail. Sometimes I do really stupid things like drink my alcohol stove fuel.

4. Fast

I never claim to be fast but I get taunted anyway:

“Thought I’d never see you again!” and “I thought you’d be in Canada already” and “So and so is faster than you!”

5. Friends with Cheryl Strayed

I don’t know Cheryl, she hiked in the 90’s. I was watching Nickelodeon and reading Goosebumps in the 90’s.


Mt. Shasta, California, 2010
High Sierra, California, 2012
PCT 2010 Mt. Rainier, Washington! Goat Rocks Wilderness
Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington, 2010
PCT 2012 Glacier Peak Wilderness with purple lupines
Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington, 2012
Mexican border, California, 2009
Tehachapi Mountains, California, 2012
Cro, Terri Anderson, me, and Joe Anderson! PCT 2012. What are they doing to us? We LIKE IT
The Andersons, Trail Angels,  What are they doing to us? We LIKE IT
10481961_10101076629652600_5911507228549858745_n (1)
Canadian border, Washington, 2014. Goodbye PCT


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