Northern New Mexico Loop 2016



From May 22-June 23, 2016, I walked the Northern New Mexico Loop; a 500 mile wilderness backcountry route created by Brett Tucker. Check out his website HERE

Brett began this route in Santa Fe, but I started in Albuquerque (where I completed the Grand Enchantment Trail last year) and walked to Santa Fe by way of the “Vulture Link.” I began at the La Luz trailhead in Albuquerque. This tacked on about 80 more miles to the 500 mile loop.

Besides Brett, no one had thru-hiked this loop before. 

Gear List



Pre-hike Brain Dribble

To the trailhead

Fording the Rio

Frijoles Canyon

Super Volcano

Fording the Rio (sheep crossing)

Wheeler Peak

Nearing the End