Great Divide Trail 2016

July 23-August 30, 2016

Sometimes I have nightmares that I’ve shown up to the start of a long hike with an over- sized blue foam sleeping pad, had to buy all my gear at Wal-Mart, or missed the bus to the Pacific Crest Trail’s southern terminus on the Mexican border. The start of my Great Divide Trail hike was like that, things didn’t pan out as smoothly as I’d hoped. But that’s what happens when you’re the type of hiker who does little pre-hike planning (i.e. purchasing a guidebook, reading Wired’s blog). This of course ups the adventure factor but decreases efficiency. Thankfully this route was more forgiving than I had initially thought, and so was able to complete it in due time.

The Moose River, Jasper NP
  • ~650 miles
  • Start: Logan Pass, Glacier NP, Montana (50 miles south of the southern terminus at the US/Canadian border in Waterton NP, Alberta)
  • End: Mt. Robson, British Columbia
  • 11 zero days
  • Resupply locations:  East Glacier, Coleman/Blairmore (good grocery store), Peter Lougheed Visitor Center (box), Banff from Sunshine Village (good store), Field (gas station resupply), Saskatchewan Crossing (very small store, wish I had sent a box because I spent $200 on junk food), Jasper (good grocery store)
  • Wildlife: 2 grizzlies and 2 cubs, 3 black bears, 2 moose and 3 calves, 2 mountain goats, countless bighorn sheep,  elk, marmots, pikas, toads, and ptarmigans
  • Challenges: Bad weather (rain, lightning, sleet, and snow), overgrowth and blow downs, mud, wet feet everyday, mosquitoes, route finding, river crossings, grizzlies, expensive resupplies in touristy towns, tourists, permits, and lack of good micro brews.
  • Highlights: Glaciers, remoteness, teal colored alpine lakes and rivers, abundant wildlife, jaw dropping mountain vistas, plentiful water, wild berries, and local yocals.
  • Gear List 
~50 miles of mud from Jasper to Mt. Robson

To Montana

Waterton to Blairmore 

Blairmore to Peter Lougheed

Peter Lougheed to Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village to Field

Field to The Crossing 

The Crossing to Jasper

Jasper to Mount Robson