Cottonwood Ridge

January, Death Valley, Cottonwood Mountains, Three Friends. The weather report for the valley says rain so that means snow in the mountains. I pack a fleece, down jacket, frog toggs, and gloves from Family Dollar. Good gloves cost a lot of money. The smell of toasted creosote. Wet desert. Visibility: dryer sheet. A winter wind … Continue reading Cottonwood Ridge

Watching Willy Eat

In Willy’s closet I have seen close to twenty t-shirts with names of diner’s from LA to Massachusetts. He will eat at any diner, then buy it’s shirt: Alice’s Diner Somerset Grill Homeskillet Mel’s   Willy’s eyes get big when he looks at the menu. “What’ll it be?” asks the server. Willy will be on … Continue reading Watching Willy Eat


Mesquite Flat. Scotty's Castle Road. I've got my thumb out in a sand storm. Cant even see Stovepipe. Not much traffic. I've just come out of an unusual and beautiful remote canyon in the Grapevine Mountains called Titanothere, named after a feeble minded dinosaur, an ancestor of the modern day rhinoceros. Some guy found its … Continue reading Titanothere