Back to the desert!

"I can get you a ride in the laundry truck to the park" M says over the phone. I got a job in Death Valley--housekeeper. It seems I cannot spend a year away from the place. I bought the Michael Digonnet guide. I'll explore canyons on my days off! Looking forward to creosote and pinyon-juniper smells, … Continue reading Back to the desert!


I've turned into a burned teddy cholla. But not dead! Runs! Juices! Hikes! Dead in Bed! Then Runs bloody, swollen, burning, itchy, TOTALLY BATSHITSFDJKdfsjk. When I come out of this, TIME, JUICING, SLEEP, FORGETTING IT SOMEHOW, I will not be the same. I cannot think of hiking, it makes me cry. To be a prisoner … Continue reading TSW