About Me

Pacific Crest Trail 2012

Hello! I’m Not a Chance, but most people call me Chance, Chancey, or Chancey Pants . Welcome to As The Trail Turns; a blog about long distance hiking…seen through the eyes of a 33 year old city hater who’s “a few biccies short of a full packet at times.”
I began long distance hiking in 2009 on the Pacific Crest Trail, and since then I’ve hiked 14,500 miles, and written unthoroughly, irreverently, and too honestly (at times) about my experiences.

In 2017 I thru-hiked Brett Tucker’s Sky Islands Traverse; a 525 mile route connecting ten Sky Island mountain ranges in Southeast Arizona, click on the link to check it out!


15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi NotaChance. I think you might be the PCT hiker who I asked in the Stellar Brew coffee house in Mammoth if you guys wanted a ride to Red’s Meadow. Ended up giving Tiny a ride, he was great to talk to. Anyway, your writing is so alive and strong (“twisted my head on”!) and I wanted to say thank you for your journals.

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  2. Ahh, I’m so stoked you’re going to be a ridge runner in my backyard (Kent/Salisbury, CT) !! I usually do magic all summer on rte. 341 in Kent and trail run most of your ridge runner section! This summer I’ll be thru hiking the SHR and Colorado Trail soo I may not get to actually meet you (?!?..I leave mid June) but I feel at ease knowing a fellow kick ass PCT hiker will be taking great care of my home and AT class of 2015 for me!! Thanks NotAChance! P.S. there’s kick ass sandwiches at the Deli in Salisbury.
    -Dora The Explorer


    1. Hey Dora! I’ll be in your area around mid-May, so maybe I’ll see you? Thanks for the kind words 🌞 I’ve never hiked the trails you’re doing so it’ll be fun following along! Have a kick ass summer!


  3. NotAChance, you are a remarkable adventurer and writer with incredible perception, living life the way it should be. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and am inspired everyday to wander…to follow my heart like you have. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing this incredible life you have! Happy Trails always!
    Mike Jurasius


  4. I thought you didn’t like talking about yourself! LOL. I met you in CT this summer. Destroy scouts EVERYWHERE. Stumbled upon your blog here and was like “I think I met that girl…” Cool to read about your adventures. I need to go hike a real trail soon.



  5. I’ve pretty much just read your entire blog. I’m a migrant worker, an awful sailor but drawn toward the sea, and about to embark on my first long distance bike tour by myself, on a single speed. I admire your ability to consistently keep your journal and how you turn the everyday into exciting prose. Well, I guess everyday is exciting when you are an outdoor adventurer. I can’t decide between land and sea, and wonder how many lifetimes can I live just in just this one? Can I be a thru-hiker, too?! I hope so. I’m 26, and kind of a late bloomer as far as adventure travel goes, but better late than never, right?! Your blog gives me hope and also a little bit of anxiety 😉 Keep on keeping on!

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