Mesquite Flat. Scotty's Castle Road. I've got my thumb out in a sand storm. Cant even see Stovepipe. Not much traffic. I've just come out of an unusual and beautiful remote canyon in the Grapevine Mountains called Titanothere, named after a feeble minded dinosaur, an ancestor of the modern day rhinoceros. Some guy found its … Continue reading Titanothere

Mesquite Flat

From my porch chair I can see the Grapevine and Funeral Mountains and their alluvial fans that rise and disappear in heat waves that lead into remote and eerie gulches and canyons that geologists get hard over. And pull me. I've read about the geology of this region-but with a distracted brain. I will not … Continue reading Mesquite Flat

Back to the desert!

"I can get you a ride in the laundry truck to the park" M says over the phone. I got a job in Death Valley--housekeeper. It seems I cannot spend a year away from the place. I bought the Michael Digonnet guide. I'll explore canyons on my days off! Looking forward to creosote and pinyon-juniper smells, … Continue reading Back to the desert!