Mesquite Flat

From my porch chair I can see the Grapevine and Funeral Mountains and their alluvial fans that rise and disappear in heat waves that lead into remote and eerie gulches and canyons that geologists get hard over. And pull me.

I’ve read about the geology of this region-but with a distracted brain. I will not absorb the science. But I love the colors and shapes, the dreamy blue sky and chocolate moose track ice cream mountains intoxicates- what is the science behind that?

I cross Mesquite Flat to reach the alluvial fans that swallow me up, stepping over and around the half dead, half alive creosote bushes and their kingdom sand mounds, where critters with little feet live and come out when it gets cooler at night. They go from mound to mound or get eaten by the kit fox.

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