Joey is from Canada and has skin like the Southwest. She is my first hiking partner ever.  I am so bumbly but she is Mother Teresa meets Chaka Khan. I follow her gorgeous bronze legs from the desert to the Sierra and stare drool-y eyed at her gap toothed smile that is Pippi meets Ghandi. When she meets a beautiful man on trail that looks like Jesus I tell her HYOH, but I’m just playin cool.

2 thoughts on “Joey

  1. Hey Chance. Let me tell you a wee story about following beautiful bronze legs. Summer before last I was cycling home from work in London and got to the busy Clapton Road junction. There was a woman cycling ahead of me, and a guy in racing cycle wear ahead of her. Slam! When the lights changed, she crashed into the back of his bike and they both went down. I went over to see if they were OK but they were both laughing. “What happened?” the dude asked. “Oh…I couldn’t take my eyes off your calves” she said.

    There you go, leg-watching is VERY DANGEROUS. Although I am also guilty, yr honour. And a nicely muscled forearm is also a thing of beauty…

    Scottish Lyn

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