Rest Stop

Let me tell you how to be one of the greats. Hike madly fast while at the same time smoking pipe tobacco rollies. Roll while climbing, roll at 4 am, roll in your sleep. Cough to be my alarm and I’ll lie there happy to be in my warm sleeping bag while you smoke. Then you must GTFO of there, before we’re up, and I’ll follow the glow of orange ash with my eyes until it’s out– from Sierra City to the Canadian border.

You are one helluva hiker despite the amount you smoke. You have calves like caveman clubs, and believe that you can read minds. You are a working class Texan and no one knows who you are, even though you’ve almost triple triple crowned.




5 thoughts on “Rest Stop

  1. Hey. I will never be one of the greats. Quit smoking (strong Dutch half shag and licorice papers) 20 years ago. Got called out on the Cuillin Ridge one time: middle class twits “oh gosh there’s someone smoking” and middle class twits 2: “I’ve just seen someone smoking and they’ve got a golden retriever”. I’m sure I’ve got a pic somewhere, but I swear I didn’t make the dog smoke cigs (I’m trying not to say fags, I know you Americans, and we’re all divided by the same language etc.)

    Good to hear from you. X


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