Hitchin for Love

In Mammoth, Arizona, along the Grand Enchantment Trail, I ask Swiss if I should hitch to the Continental Divide Trail Kick Off in Silver City, New Mexico to meet up with this trail celebrity who talks sweet to me online. Imagine hitching 300+ miles for a Tinder Date. Swiss thinks its stupid but I love love. Love!

It takes all day and six hitches. My first ride asks me to be his girlfriend. Guys, listen, we need more time than that. My last ride is a semi with an older hispanic man who talks lovingly about his family, and now we’re friends on facebook.

Ah Silver City, a small tumbleweed art fart desert town with elevated sidewalks, hard to navigate after a night at the Toad. It’s good to be here.

I meet trail celebrity at his hotel room, that- he’s- sharing- with- his- hiking- partner- who- is -a- very- cute- alpha- as- fuck- female, and she is like Who this? He’s weirdly distant. Doesn’t really acknowledge me. He is not the person I thought because online personas are just that. So what do I do? I buy his hiking partner a beer. We do not talk about him, we talk about hiking. Then I eat some pot food with CDT hikers, dance and drink til two, walk back to the Murray and pass out in a room covered in hiker bodies.




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