Scott and Krud '09

The first time I ever saw Scott Williamson I was so high I could not tie my shoes or stand up, but I knew that it was him, he was with Krudmeister and they were going for the speed record.

I was sitting on granite blinded by high sierra sun when a hiker named Gravitron catches up, he’s the boy with seizures and a medical marijuana license. “Do you smoke marijuana?” he asks me and Ivy League Dan. I didn’t really, maybe like three times total in my life, but I just want to be cool so I’m down. At 9,000 feet I take a gravity bong rip and immediately feel regret and guilt but then suddenly everything is HIL-AR-I-OUSSSSS, and blurry.

Ivy League Dan is flat on his face and we’re having a conversation that makes no sense because I can’t remember the last thing I said. Meanwhile Gravitron is hovering, pacing, worried, because when he asks me to tie my shoes I cannot bring my hands to my feet, and laugh maniacally about it. He says I might have overestimated my capacity to handle it.

I ZONE IN on two tall skinny figures floating through sierra light. THAT MUST BE THEM. When I see people perform at high levels of endurance, I suddenly feel very soft and gooey. But you know what I learned that day, these unicorns trip too! S.W. tripped and almost fell, then made a joke about it.

The next year I found his gear list in a Word document I found online by accident. I thought if I copied it I’d be just as fast. Turns out your gear has nothing to do with being fast. It might help your joints feel ok though.

I didn’t know about the PCT until I read a Backpacker article about him. In that article there is a picture of him hiking alone. Then I want to know what that feels  like to hike alone for days into sunsets and mountain silhouettes with the quiet, no conflict.

3 thoughts on “Scott and Krud '09

  1. Krud is a bespectacled endurance freak of lanky proportions.
    Thank y’all for the beer, pizza, and conversation.
    ¡Mucho gusto!


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