Nothin Special


I hiked with this hiker who told me at Whitewater Creek that I was “nothing special” and the guys behind us said so. I never asked them why they thought so, and we all became good friends even though they thought this. I saw what being special did to people and I didn’t want it. Like one time I saw this hiker self branding in a meadow next to a swallow bridge. But they were gettin money and shoes for it. Another time this hiker got invited to breakfast by a nice couple motorcycling around the country and played on her Instagram instead of talking to the nice couple. I’m sorry I said.




19 thoughts on “Nothin Special

  1. Speaking your truth against deceptive and manipulative people with a larger platform than you has got to be a bitch, am I right? Every year I think about getting back on the PCT, but I sure am glad I got to experience it over 15 years ago. Less drama, less prima donnas, no smart phones or social media in those days.

    Anyway, you’ve got more credibility than her in my book, certainly less ego. #teamchance


  2. Ultimate Zen – nothing special. Your writing is clean and explicit; your hiking both untamed and sublime. Looking forward to following your next hike.


  3. Ok. Good points , but if you have an issue with “her,” then why not address it directly with “her” instead of a veiled call out here?


      1. Sorry to hear that, hopefully it can be repaired. FWIW, I like to see strong women support each other. Sometimes it means agreeing to disagree on even a valid assessment of someone else’s flaws and not letting it become a deal (aka relationship) breaker. None of us are perfect and none of us get out of this lifetime alive. Peace!


      2. I agree, but you assume I didn’t support her at one time. I’m not the one dividing women in the community, bad feminists from good feminists. You don’t understand the intricacies of our past relationship or what that person has done to others in the community because she has the predominant voice, not us. I agree that Strong women should not tear down one another, but you assume that I’m the one doing the tearing down. I am not friends with her because she is a shitty person, not because I want to tear down another strong woman.


  4. I apologize! I assumed nothing and didn’t mean to offend you in any way, etc. only offering a sincere hope for reconciliation, if appropriate or desired.


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