First Trail Entry Ever


  1. Pain
  2. Food
  3. Just-out-of-college idealism
  4. Disbelief in one’s location
  5. Act of kindness (Trail Angel)
  6. The many uses and misuses of using Dr. Bronner’s soap.

It was April 28th, 2009. I was alone at the border, had enough food to make it to Idyllwild, gentle desert breeze, trail quiet, lizards and horned toads, didn’t see anyone for 20 miles.

This was my first time in Southern California. I borrowed Heather’s rusted cruiser bike that had a baby seat to supply myself with enough food for 175 miles in a Gregory. Heather was a low key trail angel I found on the ADZPCTKO website who lived in Ocean Beach.

I remember riding around Ocean Beach in the state of How Did I Get Here? Really, it was sort of an impulse. And worrying because I forgot a cooking pot, the one I use at home that is not for backpacking.

15 thoughts on “First Trail Entry Ever

      1. Both real, but different ends of coastal San Diego (North/South). I’m thinking you were in Ocean Beach. Sorry ’bout the double comment. I suck at internetting.


  1. May I forget to breathe but not about THAT 1-day.

    By the way, I don’t mean to intrude, but since your words have been such a great inspirational factor for me and my decision to throw away my life (well… life…) and go out hiking this summer, and since I started to work on a little something (a little something something I should say) of my own, I’d be pleased should you check it out and decide to follow:


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