While on the Great Divide Trail 

In valleys, over passes, and through forests of the Canadian Rockies I followed big paw tracks, and big paw tracks that overlapped, grizzles, and I stepped over their large piles of shit, sometimes still warm.

It’s at once perverse and invigorating when you’re alone next to a large pile of steamy bear shit. You’ve spent most of your life being at the top of the food chain, but not here, The Griz runs The Biz. But you know why I saw it’s shit and not it? Because I sang “Rhythm is Going to Get You” by Gloria  Estefan as loud as I could, and the bear(s) ran away.

I chose not to carry bear spray because I talked to my guru who doesn’t use it, and it’s heavy, and its just made some angry bears angrier, and didn’t stop them from attacking.

Gloria Estefan fucking worked though. So did HAY BARE, Heyeeeee Beeeeeeer, I want a Beeeeeer Deeeeeaaarrrryyyyyy, BUDDHA!!!! HAY BUDDHA, Ruff, Ruff, CAW, EeeeeeYAH, and so forth.

I did this everyday. I yelled sometimes so much I couldn’t yell by the end of the day. Combine that with hungryemptydrool brain and I just felt like “Fuck it, take me.” But the bears and I never bothered each other.

6 thoughts on “While on the Great Divide Trail 

  1. I bought for “Glacier NP” last year but have often wondered if the RoI is enough to warrant carrying. If you don’t carry you are guaranteed NOT to have that weight drag and if you carry, are not GUARANTEED to have the time to use it or success doing so.

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  2. I carried spray on the CDT, but never saw a bear. Maybe it was because my hiking just constantly yelled BEAR AWARE, PLEASE DON’T SCARE…….soon it was a contest for the best bear rhyme!

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  3. My bear experience is confined to black bears. When I was young and inexperienced while soloing in the Marbles in the ’80’s, I surprised a sleeping bear during the spring melt. It was on the other side of a sawn through old growth dead fall next to the trail. I came within just a couple of feet and it woke up and bolted. Say what you will about bear bells, singing, what have you, but I never would have gotten close enough to trigger the flight or fight response.
    It only went down trail around a turn and across a meadow and turned. When I saw it I mistakenly thought I could make it move by advancing making noise.
    That’s how I learned about bluff charges.

    Last year while cowboy camping in the Trinities on the trail under canopy during a new moon a bear tried to intimidate me in the dark to give up my food bag. It took a trekking pole and a water bottle that were within mt reach, but couldnt quite get up the courage to take the bag next to my head. I heard it at the time assumed it must be a bear and rolled over and went back asleep.
    Anyway, didn’t mean to hijack your post, just made me want to share. Good to see your stories. Hope all is well.


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