Thinking about the road ahead 

On Sundays I lie in the dirt, underneath a tree, and absorb tree and bird sounds. This tree exists along the periphery of the cornfield, amongst a thick biodiverse forest where deer, birds, raccoon, turkeys, and coyotes live and come out of to feed on the corn when we’re not around. 

I am over half way through the harvest season, by late November I’ll have money in my pocket and no where to be. Where will I go when it’s cold and dark ? When my back can’t bend no more, and I look and act like a total kook because the monotony of picking has made me mad. Absolutely bat shit. Worse than long distance hiking has made me. And not mad in a good way, picking has made me neurotic and emotional; it’s monotonous and very physically demanding, for $10 an hour.

 How can the average American live off that? I can because I live out of a backpack, and only have to care for myself. But I can’t imagine someone with a car, house and kids working for that wage! Don’t sell people “The American Dream,” and then blame them for wanting it when they can’t have it because (insert something about racism, money, consumerism, and cannibalism here). 

In my room I have pinned up postcards of faraway desert landscapes, Apache warriors, and saguaros from Arizona and New Mexico; little reminders to get back there someday, for a hike, for a place to call home. 

8 thoughts on “Thinking about the road ahead 

  1. Just read an Aeon article on city states on Sea steads that gives hope! There are days I’d half my pay to work outside but understand the grueling you’re experiencing.

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  2. Girl, I wish you realized the talent you have writing (and perhaps you do). I personally think you could channel that talent into something that would work more for your wallet, instead of so much of this manual labor craziness. I’d sure buy it and talk it up. You have an insight and way of putting things into perspective that people need and want to hear. Just my 2 cents. :-).


  3. Hi Chance! Nancy’s right, you write well. But I think that you wrote sometime back that you felt a certain need to have a job that involved lifting boxes and being outdoors. If so, then you’ve certainly given that itch an impressive scratch. Good on ya.


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