Besides the farmer’s wife and daughters, I’m the first hired white woman to work the fields at this 45 acre farm. Seriously though, it’s a thing. White women, and women overall don’t typically work in the fields on medium to large farms in America. It’s a poor man’s job, a job for immigrants. It’s physically grueling and pays shit. 

Do you really think white people are going to flock to farm jobs if Trump cracks down on immigration? I doubt it. A lot of white Americans are soft and unfit for this kind of work (insert something about capitalism and corporations here). We’re fussy consumers, overweight, over medicated, rest obsessed hypochondriacs who’ve forgotten how to live outside, without air conditioning and every fucking convenience imaginable. 
By the way, this farm is hiring soon. 

7 thoughts on “Cupcakes 

  1. Same deal in the UK, all the picking is done by seasonal staff from Bulgaria Romania Estonia etc. Ironic seeing as farmers overwhelminglying voted for Brexit

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  2. TheRUMP just doesn’t get it. He thinks he can run the world as he did his own businesses and doesn’t realize most challenges he’s tackling a lot more fucking complicated than building a wall, reducing immigration while tweeting he feelings daily.

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  3. Yep, same right here in the UK. Already numbers of seasonal workers are down due to the collapsing £ and English workers don’t care for tough, seasonal, low paid work. Not all farmers voted Brexit, btw, but it’s gonna almost certainly be the end of upland farms in this benighted country. Which will change the land and the rural economy. All because of fear of “the other”. The English disease…

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  4. Thankfully in parts of New England there are more small, diversified farms, but the larger farms… more hands are needed, and it’s not your average summer job. I hear ya sister. It’s hard work. Been there. -Sil


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