Field Work


“That’s the story of my life rich or poor and mostly poor and truly poor.” -Kerouac Dharma Bums

When Trump won, the Guatemalan farm hands were sent away. I am not as well oiled as the Guatemalans but I can pick 600 ears of corn on an empty stomach, double over for 8 hours in 90 degrees, and disassociate from the consequent back pain. It took a good month of hard work before my core got strong enough so that back pain did not keep me awake at night.

Some mornings I explode, uncoordinated, from my little room and run up the field, knees and ankles popping, dirty brown arms with a touch of poison ivy, playfully spouting nonsense, holding onto that weird inner child inside a Machine. With highs and lows and whatever is in between?

Other days I drag myself up the field like an old weary horse. Still, I pick 600 ears of corn. It has to get done. Dear Manicured Domesticated White Women…No, I’m sorry it is not organic.









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