Sky Islands Traverse: An Answered Prayer 

Santa Teresa’s, Sky Islands Traverse, April 2017

In a remote mountain range in Southeast, Arizona I prayed to God, even though I’m not sure if I believe in God, to send me someone, anyone to talk to. 

Well, it worked. 

Out of the bushes, off route, headed straight for a bees nest, came a man. Not just any man, but one that had kayaked the Yukon, trekked the Andes, amongst other very challenging worldly and outdoorsy things.

“Hey watch out!” 

I had saved him. 

Then I reeled him in with what I call charisma, but what others call oversharing and bad boundaries. 

In the real world we would not be friends. He’s a quiet Christian with good hygiene, listens to classical music. I’m a loud pot smoking agnostic tom boy with messy hair.

In three days he knew everything about me. I told him about my most embarrassing moment in Kindergarten, my dead Grandmother, accidentally sharting on a former boyfriend’s leg, amongst other things.

 “You’re blowing my mind,” he said one night. 

I talked when it was time to be quiet. “What are you thinking?” I asked him incessantly. Sometimes he wouldn’t answer. So I’d ask another question. 

He didn’t technically have a trail name so I suggested Kenny G because he had played saxophone for like a year in middle school. But come on, any person who chooses to play the sax has to have a little soul. 

In Safford, Arizona we split a room at a dive motel. There I chopped myself into little pieces, offered them up. He took them gently, lent me his shoulder to cry on. He actually listened, and I am forever grateful. 

21 thoughts on “Sky Islands Traverse: An Answered Prayer 

  1. Charisma= over sharing , bad boundaries
    Cracked me up over here. Thanks Chance. Holler at me if you ever get back to Bellingham. I’ll buy you a beer and make it come through your nose.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Most people never talk to strangers and are really missing out. I love traveling alone and part of it is that sometimes the connection, truth and revitalization you get from strangers is like nothing else. I love reading your stories.


  3. Beautiful writing.
    Where is your next big adventure going to be?

    Glad to see that someone else is out there exploring and living fully.
    Safe Travels!

    Liked by 1 person

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