Sky Islands Traverse Interview Part II 

For Part II of this interview Chance speaks with Buckey’s old inbred domesticated cat Steve…

C: You can talk?

Steve: I can speak seven different languages

C: I can speak Cat

Steve: Meow

C: Meow 

Steve: What was your hardest day on trail? 

C: After a resupply in Safford, Arizona, while hitching back to the trail, passerbyers shook their heads at me. It made the next few miles feel lonely. Also, I knew the route was about to traverse some very remote terrain, and it intimidated me. I don’t carry a Spot, I don’t know who would Spot me

Steve: That’s why I like being a Cat, I don’t have to depend on humans, but they give me shit anyway, all I have to do is play cute. *Licks Paw with 6 Toes*

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