Sky Islands Traverse: San Pedro House to Patagonia

After a resupply in Sierra Vista, Sirena and I part ways at the San Pedro House; a wilderness center/gift shop with hummingbirds and big cottonwoods. 

A man walks up to me in the parking lot,

“Do you know if they lock the gate? Will I be able to get out of here after dusk?” 
“Sorry, I don’t know.”

That is what I love about long distance hiking, I don’t have to turn around and go back…

  • 70 miles from the San Pedro House to Patagonia
  • Trail type: good trail (Arizona National Scenic Trail) faint brushy trail (along San Pedro River) dirt roads, paved road (~10 miles worth)
  • Wildlife: javalinas, white tail deer, Mexican Spotted owl, wild turkeys
  • Resupply: Red Mountain Foods in Patagonia  
  • Challenges: bushwacking through prickly shrubs and tall dry grass, steep climb up Miller Canyon, mid-day heat on black paved road walk
  • Highlights: Huachucas (Wah-chew-kah) and the Crest Trail, Miller Canyon, running into my friend Smiles at Bathtub Spring, Mexican spotted owl in Miller Canyon

Evening walk along the San Pedro

I asked this B&B if I could grab some water, I used the spigot and hose out front
Lots of curious looks from passerby’s here
Climbing up into my second sky island range
Sunset from The Crest Trail/Arizona Trail
It’s our good friend The Arizona Trail!

4 thoughts on “Sky Islands Traverse: San Pedro House to Patagonia

  1. Hi! Remember me? I was the guy with binoculars . I was walking the AZT and we met at Bathtub Spring. Smiles was also there. The AZT was awesome, I really enjoyed it! Hope to see you again some day on a trail.


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