Currently I live 5 hours from Snowdonia National Park, a stunningly beautiful mountainous region in northwest Wales, home to Mount Snowdon (1,085 meters), the tallest mountain in Britain and Wales. Ryno and I headed up there last week, the dark days of winter and the state of the world had me feeling blue. I needed a dose of the best medicine: NATURE.

Temperatures dropped below 0 degrees Celsius (or 30 degrees Fahrenheit) at night but the days were sunny and dry. We camped near a pub for two nights, climbed Snowdon via the Pyg Track, a fun 7.3 mile trip, and wondered off the beaten path to Ffynnon Lloer, a lake with a Rocky Mountain feel, then climbed to the ridge beyond it.

There is definitely a longer hike to be had, I hope to return here someday soon.

Woke up to birdsong, felt rejuvenated
The route we took to Snowdon started on a gravel road, from a trailhead parking lot
Headed for that ridge line!
On the ridge, views of the ocean!
Snowdon in site
Fun ridge line!
Top of Snowdon


Ffynnon Lloer
Sunny days OVER

22 thoughts on “Snowdonia

    1. Thanks Elyn!! We’ve made one trip into the city since I got here. We watched the Book of Mormon. He’s got some friends there so we will definitely make another trip into the city before I leave (March). I’ll let you know!!

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  1. Hi
    Long time since we had a beer in lone Pine just after you finished the L2H ‘in 2014. When do you leave Farnham. Maybe chimp &I could meet you for a beer or 2.


      1. Hey maybe next time..
        We may get to the west coast later this summer to Do some trail magic.
        Maybe our paths will cross..


    1. I started in the Tararuas on the north island, so missed all the road walking 🙂 The TA taught me a lot, like how to have patience…the tracks can be muddy and ruddy. It was actually easier than I thought, compared to the Great Divide Trail for example. But harder than the PCT. I had good weather though, if it had rained more, the hiking would have been more challenging due to mud and creek/river crossings. There are a lot of huts on the South Island, so if there is bad weather, you can escape it 🙂


      1. yes, looks like weather can really make it a mental challenge, just loved NZ when we cycled around it in 2006 (good weather all the way)
        We will drop you a line before we travel to the US in july, to see if we can pass on the trail magic your way
        happy trails


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