Great Divide Trail: Jasper to Mt. Robson


  • As a northbound thru-hiker you can choose to end the Great Divide Trail at Mt. Robson or Lake Kakwa. I chose to end at Mt. Robson because I did not have a ride arranged to pick me up at Lake Kakwa (the way out is a 50-60 mile rough dirt road with very little to no traffic). Also, with my hunger level, I didn’t think my little MLD Burn backpack could carry 160 miles worth of food (my mistake). I considered trying to pull off 30 mile days, but with the amount of mud at the time, I didn’t think I could do it. Apparently the Great Divide Trail Association has chosen Mt. Robson as the official northern terminus; however, the section to Lake Kakwa looks amazing!
  • 3 days
  • 15 miles of highway and then mostly very rough, hard to follow pack trail until the exquisite Berg Lake Trail to Mt. Robson
  • Challenges: Foul weather, ~50 miles of ankle to shin deep mud, mental  and physical drain, fording the Smokey River, finding a dry tent site, bushwhacking
  •  Highlights: Challenging tread with incredible mountain scenery, the color of the Moose River, ripe huckleberries for miles and miles, recent trail flagging from a pack outfitter, recent trail work around the first crossing of the Moose River by the Great Divide Trail Association, autumn smells, glaciers, waterfalls, alpine lakes, hot coffee from a pack outfitters (Thanks Sonja and Gunter!)
Muddy moments like these and imagining I’m Jimmy Buffet in Margaritaville…on the Miette River Trail
Miette/Centre Pass: Cold but still in spandex!
I just can’t
My Rain Jacket costs $20
The Moose River
Descending Moose Pass
Weather Report says BUTT CHAFE
The Great Bog Trail
Steve Winwood could sing a song about this
The Smokey River: last major obstacle before the Berg Lake Trail to Mount Robson
That’s a wrap! @Mt. Robson
Trying to walk really good for the picture


10 thoughts on “Great Divide Trail: Jasper to Mt. Robson

  1. Beautiful, great work… It was a great time to meet you in midst of your Great Divide trip. Evidently all went well near the end ! 🙂


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