Great Divide Trail: Peter Lougheed to Sunshine Village


  • 2.1 days
  • Mostly really good trail
  • Highlights: Glaciers, alpine lakes, seclusion around the Palliser River, helping toads off the trail around the Palliser River, Mount  Assiniboine, 2 free beers at the Assiniboine Lodge (thanks to the manager), free ride down the gondola at Sunshine Village, bighorn sheep on the road walk out of Sunshine Village, Leslie and Keith Brodsky in Banff
  • Challenges: This section actually has a bit of a stretch without water, tourons, and giardia symptoms (no health insurance)
  • Route Choice: Wonder Pass
Well groomed single track! Yes it exists on the GDT
Descending to the Palliser River, my favorite part of this section!
Palliser River Valley in the morning
The valleys are cold in the mornings and evenings
The Wonder Pass Trail
Mt. Assiniboine, buzzed
Looking back on Mt. Assiniboine, thirsty
While hitching to Banff…



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