Great Divide Trail: Field to The Crossing


Le French Wedge
  • 3 days, 70 miles
  • An infamous section known for its overgrowth and blow downs
  • Challenges: ~50 miles of overgrowth and blow downs, breaking up spiderwebs with your face, crossing the swift Lambe Creek, 1 mile per hour progress, mental drain from trying to keep track of the trail, David Thompson Heritage Trail, very small and expensive resupply store at The Crossing (should have sent a box! Spent $200 on junk food), tourists at The Crossing
  • Highlights: mellow elevation change, wild strawberries, blueberries, and thimble berries, remoteness, stunning scenery, Howse River floodplain, yelling out obscenities, having a partner to crack jokes with
  • If I hiked the GDT again, would I do this section? Let me think about it…
  • If you want a room at The Crossing, get there earlier in the day. Good breakfast buffet at the restaurant!
Just like one of the early North American explorers, except I have Doritos and MP3s
David Thompson Heritage Trail
Crossing Cairnes Creek made easier by downed trees
Your feet will be perpetually wet for 700 miles
Smiling just before the real shit show on Day 3
Emerging onto the Howse floodplain was such a relief
The route stayed in the forest, but we decided to walk the Howse floodplain instead and cross it’s many braids
~4 miles of good trail before the road into Saskatchewan Crossing

5 thoughts on “Great Divide Trail: Field to The Crossing

  1. Wow! Looks like an incredible hike, the mountains look rugged and the water must be crazy to deal with all of the time. Thanks for taking the time to share the journey.


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