Great Divide Trail Gear List


Mountain Laurel Designs Burn backpack

Pack Liner (Trash Compactor Bag)


Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Nano poncho tarp

Gossamer Gear EZC 2mm guy lines

6 MSR Y aluminum tent stakes, 2 aluminum shepherds hooks

1 Cascade Mountain Tech trekking pole (get them from Amazon for $40)


Katabatic Flex 22 degree sleeping quilt

Gossamer Gear polycryo groundsheet medium

Gossamer Gear NightLight Sleeping Pad torso length


plastic container

plastic spoon

* I did not cook food on this trip. 

Clothing: Base Layer

Short sleeve cotton shirt

running shorts

2 pair Smartwool PHD Run Elite Micro sox


Clothing: Insulation

1 pair Smartwool medium crew sox

micro fleece hat

fleece gloves

fleece buff

Ibex merino wool thermal shirt

Ibex merino wool leggings

Montbell Men’s Superior Down Parka (I can’t stand the colors they use for women’s jackets)

Montbell Windshirt

Frogg Toggs Rain Jacket and Pants



Brooks PureGrit-men’s

Hygiene/First Aid

Travel size toothbrush/toothpaste

small dropper bottle with Dr. Bronner’s soap

hand sanitizer


Imodium and Pepto-bismol (I had giardia)

duct tape


Maps in ziplock baggie


ID, debit card in ziplock baggie


iPhone 6 with Lifeproof Case, Gaia GPS app, wall charger, headphones, Belkin extra battery

Swiss Army knife classic

mini bic lighter

sewing needle and floss

Black Diamond Spot headlamp


Bug Head Net

Want to go light? Check out this article 

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