To Montana

It takes three hitches to get from Missoula to Lincoln. Melissa’s son made it through eight rounds of American Idol. Sam is a retired trucker and small time farmer and his 40 year old son is broken from laying cement. Larry is lookin for a new truck so he can visit his daughter who is going to college while raising a baby. They all say “I picked you up so the weirdos don’t.” I am thankful. 

I’m tryna get to my friends Tick Tock and Orbit, two rad women thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail southbound from Canada to Mexico. I’ll join them for a section, then head up to East Glacier to start the Great Divide Trail. 

Initially I thought of doing it alone but then fell for a soft spoken Yarpie back at Ghost Ranch while on the Northern New Mexico Loop and convinced him to join me. “It will be beautiful and we can be together.” 

I’m afraid I will overwhelm you I’m afraid I will underwhelm you

12 thoughts on “To Montana

  1. Your first paragraph is literature and all of the entry is good. I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a condescending asshole, but I think you can really write and hope you consider doing a long format.

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  2. The GDT is AWESOME (& RUGGED!!!)! I’m @ Field on the ‘trail’ (route), but hanging with some incredible trail angels in Banff right now ( I think you know them…). Say hi to Wyoming if you see her. She’s coming off the ICT & PNT to the GDT & should be in your neck of the woods.

    Happy Trails,


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