Wheeler Peak

June 13, 2015

I leave the town of Questa at about 7:30 am, aiming to get up and over Wheeler Peak, the tallest point in New Mexico at 13,000 feet. 

trail to Taos

The summit is 20 miles away but I still manage to throwback a couple beers at Taos Ski Valley. Thanks to Leah and the young handsome surgeon doctor at the Cantina for hookin a gal up! 

From Taos, it’s a steep 5 mile climb to the summit. Since Ghost Ranch I’ve dealt with a Giardia issue and haven’t been eating as much, so I feel pretty winded by the climb. 

About a mile from the summit I bump into a young fella headed up late too, his name is Kyle and he’s about to join the Marines. 

A cold wind is blowin tough, but I’m still in my shorts, dontstoptilthetop. 

We get to the top at about 7 pm and Kyle doesn’t have a headlamp and I’m freezing, so we take a quick photo and descend. Kyle lets out a Hoo! waving goodbye. 

I hike a few miles to lower elevation and make camp, but it’s still cold! My feet can’t get warm. So I pee in a water bottle and my feet are happy.

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