Rio Grande

The first obstacle west of Santa Fe is fording the Rio Grande. This is where the adventure begins!

I was so enthralled by this reality-the Unknown, the beauty, and the solitude-that I shed a tear of joy. Hoo!

The descent to the river is steep and rocky, but there’s a faint animal trail you can follow. That is the thing about backcountry routes, animals have found a way already. 

Along the bank grows a bio diverse habitat of thick green vegetation called a bosque. It’s dreamy from afar but menacing passing through it. 

I anticipated waist high water so put my things inside a trash bag pack liner and got out my trekking pole. 

And so there I was, beneath the early morning orange sun, fighting the mad brown water, the slapping sound of it overpowering my senses. 

I made it half way across before I was neck deep and swimming my way back to a shallower place. What to do? There were no boulders or debris, so I turned my pack into a floaty and turned myself over to the river. 

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