Why Do We Hike?

In less than two weeks I begin the Northern New Mexico Loop from Albuquerque. Even after 12,000 miles, I still get butterflies. I love the undress from civilian to trail life when you’re adapting to patterns in the landscape and weather, getting a feel for the locals (human animals and nonhuman animals), and working out your tics.

I’ve been criticized for wanting to hike alone, and then a wise old man reminded me why that is… because out in the woods, when there is no one else around, nature just is what it is……..no masks, no motives, no hidden agendas………..just truth. 

Nature doesn’t care about your ego, how many Instagram followers you have, or how many times you’ve hiked the Pacific Crest Trail.


On this episode of Sick Sad World, some a**hole PCT hiker climbed the Wally Waldron tree, a 1500+ year old tree near the summit of Mt. Baden Powell…not cool.


Check out Francis Tapon’s TEDtalk How and why travel transforms you


Here’s a great article written by my friend Snorkel on the politics behind women hiking solo:

The outdoors gender gap needs to be closed









13 thoughts on “Why Do We Hike?

  1. I didn’t read Francis’ how and why but I did read Brian Robinson’s old posts from 2015 and was moved by some of that. I have to read who and when now.


  2. I guess that they must have edited out pics or comments about climbing the tree, or I need new glasses for my old eyes. I suppose that there must have been a pic or something before, and congrats on calling them out. I hiked that section almost 45 years ago, but i can’t remember the tree or much else at this point. Best wishes for an adventurous and exciting NM hike.


  3. Best way to backpack is alone in my opinion. You are old the drama, it is not about the towns or the roving community but about embracing the journey and the wildness around it.

    Northern new Mexico is one of the most enchanting places in the Rockies.

    Enjoy the freedom and joy of traveling solo.


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