Northern New Mexico Loop


Excited to announce that I will be hiking another Brett Tucker route this spring! It’s called the Northern New Mexico Loop, and as far as I know only Brett has hiked it.

It’s a mere 500 miles but packs a PUNCH! Read more about it HERE

10 thoughts on “Northern New Mexico Loop

  1. Hey there Not a Chance
    I see you are returning to the land of enchantment. As we call it here the land of entrapment. Hard to leave once it grabs hold.
    Anyway, super sweet!
    I love this topic as it touches my domain here. And proud to play a part in some of the revisions on the new map set, in conjunction with bridging the GET to NNML via the VL.
    You are right with Brett having only hiked it to date. He did mention that a few are planning on it this season though. Two others have used a fraction of the Wild Rivers Rec area and the Sangre Mtns into Santa Fe en route to the GET sobo. Something to the effect of the Vagabond Loop and Salida to Pheonix. Waiting for someone to come along east bound on the GET and make this connection to the NNML. The tricky part is a spring entry into the Sangre considering snowpack and the early nature of starting in AZ. So what’s nifty about the loop is the option of heading westerly through the Jemez mountains connecting the CDT side of things.
    Which way are you planning on starting or when?
    The western terminus would be the prescribe start for an early season hike anything much pre June. Which brings me to another factor of the 1st rio grande ford to get into Bandelier. This should have some type of disclaimer and definetly worth a heads up on that ford in White Canyon. Probably the biggest obstacle of the whole hike and yet as Brett would say “real adventure”.
    The alignment is a little different from when he did it. So you will be the first on this approach. Either way has no real trail descent from the Caja del rio plateau. Just a xc approach to the rim and scramble down to the rio grande. I haven’t seen this spot in person yet to really know. I have scouted other potential ford spots with some trail down but the alignment changes things a bit getting into Bandelier. In regards to the ford itself is a bit different than others, as the river is wide and has mucky islands possibly exposed when the water is lower. Which in theory should be lower early season before snowpack melts out and monsoons start. Anyway we thought it would be wise to give a heads up on that. Maybe the 3rd day out of town west bound.
    I can give you some more intel and a few other tips on getting out of the whole west side of town. There’s other tid bits of obstacles worth noting. I have done it a handful of times.
    Definitely gotta stop by and visit this time around as I’m just around the corner from the west terminus.

    You sure do know how to make a NM boy jealous! 😋


    1. Hey dood! I’m flying into Albuquerque, gonna try to start there and then head west out of Santa Fe…end of May. I think you have my email…let’s stay in touch! Thanks for the heads up


      1. Hey
        So you are looking at around 73 miles from Sandia Summit house ( 1st water source) to Santa. Not the tram add a couple on the crest. That’s with the red route that uses the interstate and hwy 16 to Santa Fe river mouth.
        I did it back in November and used all the rowdy grey alts the which put it at 70 mi. Disclaimer on that also.
        Also the cal topo has not been updated since I hiked it. I have the water sources figured out also that don’t appear throughout Tejon canyon leaving Cibola forest. And some minor better revisions.
        Also worth noting is that it joins the NNM loop at 1200 well water source at 54.5 miles and is 18.5 to town easterly. Which to head west on the loop would mean rehiking those 18 miles back out. I have some other ways of doing this without completely back tracking trying keep a continuos flow mixing it up. Or just go for it westerly at that point. That would be a pretty long haul from Abq to La Cueva though. Or load up on junk food from the gas station off I 25.
        I will just have get you more info via email. Want a companion guide? Lol


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