36.57391, -118.29318

Eastern Sierras, Mt. Whitney, Lowest to Highest Route 2015


Near Outpost Camp I encounter several people planning to summit Whitney tomorrow even though bad weather is moving in. Visibility is low and snow obscures the trail to the top. A couple from San Diego spent the night lost near the summit without a shelter and need a rescue, but when I give the Ranger their GPS coordinates he doesn’t record them. He tells me he’s ready to be done for the year. 

Most hikers are wearing micro spikes, but I’m cruising through the snow in just running shoes. I feel like a machine today, partly due to weather and the four Coronas I had at Portal.

So must’ve been a shock to the 41- year- old- with- two- kids- guy I caught up to once on the way up and again on the way down because he wouldn’t let me pass! Both times! And he wanted my phone number too! NAH. #byefelipe





4 thoughts on “36.57391, -118.29318

  1. Chance, I have a note on my calendar that says today is your birthday. Is that correct? I’m not sure how I know that but if it is, I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and following you on all you adventures. Rock on!


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