Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

Death Valley, Panamint Springs Resort, Lowest to Highest Route 2015

Tick Tock and I are headed back to Furnace Creek to retrieve her car. She’s got to cut the trip short, and I can’t convince her to stay on the route. I wish she wouldn’t go.

She gets us a hitch from a guy she knows named Maggot who rides with a post apocalyptic motorcycle gang that rolled in last night. One of his tattoos is a pair of tits with the slogan Dump em Out. 

Maggot sends us to the support crew truck and Tick Tock sits between two guys doing key bumps, and I squeeze in the back with a guy who’s lost his voice from doing too much coke. He shows me a pic of his white cat named “Kilo.”

Sometimes we pull aside to check up on riders who have bike issues due to the 120 degree heat. Meanwhile, Tick Tock and I provide the entertainment. I playfully give stink eye to one of the guys sitting up front and Tick Tock talks shit about Maggot’s girlfriend, and at this moment I realize that not only do I appreciate Tick Tock because she knows some guy named Maggot, but also because she talks shit about a woman who is beloved by every member of this very motorcycle gang.

Believe it or not, they think we’re the crazy ones.

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