Gear List for the L2H 2015


Zimmerbuilt QuickStep cuben fiber backpack w/ hipbelt and sternum strap 12 oz (click here to visit Zimmerbuilt)

Pack Liner (Trash Compactor Bag) 2 oz


Sea to Summit poncho tarp 8.1 oz (also works as rain gear and pack cover)

Note: There are better options for poncho tarps, this one is cheap. Next time I’d go for a Mountain Laurel Designs poncho tarp. 

Guy Lines-Gossamer Gear EZC 2mm 1 oz

8 titanium tent stakes 2.08 oz


Western Mountaineering Ultralite 20 degree sleeping bag 29 oz

Gossamer Gear polycryo groundsheet medium 1.6 oz

Gossamer Gear NightLight Sleeping Pad torso length 3.3 oz

Total: 3.6 lbs


Zpacks cuben fiber food sack

lightweight bowl

plastic spoon

Note: I did not cook food on this trip. 

Clothing: Base Layer

Short sleeve cotton shirt

running shorts

2 pair thin socks: Smartwool running sox (these sox are tough!)



Clothing: Insulation

Zpacks micro fleece hat (for Whitney)

fleece gloves (for Whitney)

merino wool thermal shirt (for Whitney)

merino wool leggings (for Whitney)

Western Mountaineering Hooded Flash Down jacket


Brooks Cascadias 8

Hygiene/First Aid

Travel size toothbrush/toothpaste

small dropper bottle with Dr. Bronner’s soap

hand sanitizer



duct tape

SPF chapstick


Maps in ziplock baggie


ID, debit card in ziplock baggie


iPhone 5 with Gaia GPS app, wall charger, headphones, Belkin extra battery

Swiss Army knife classic

mini bic lighter

Petzel e-lite headlamp

Want to go light? Check out this article 

4 thoughts on “Gear List for the L2H 2015

  1. Does the Gaia GPS app function for you when you have no cell connection? I always carry a phone AND my Garmin because the phone, while showing the track, usually becomes an empty map so it’s useless. I am looking for a safe way to eliminate needing the GPS device.


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