Death Valley, China Garden Spring, Lowest to Highest Route, 2015  
China Garden Spring! The most beautiful koi pond I have ever seen! An oasis made by the shadows of cottonwood trees and one rusty metal chair. I do not sit down. 

Instead I chase the last bit of sunlight through a canyon. It gets away and I feel starkly naked in the world of night.  I can’t see but “they” can see. Death Valley is not as lifeless as one may think. 

Out of the canyon, blackness gives way to starlight. I walk towards the silhouette of a hill, over rocks and tarantula holes. I think I know the way but come to a Void. 

I can’t find my way so I pull myself into my sleeping bag and let the cosmos whisper me to sleep. 

2 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Love this spot, I used to live at Panamint Springs and this was my backyard! Great stories and photos, I just read a bunch of your posts about the Te Araroa, hoping to do that myself before long! Keep adventuring!


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