Death Valley, Darwin Canyon, Lowest to Highest Route, 2015    
The brush was almost impenetrable. After the class 4 climb out of Darwin Falls, I cut down to the creek. I pushed through a canopy of tall grass and trees and saw where the burros fuck and fight. This is not the way. 

So I climbed back out and tried to remember the route. Light was leaving the canyon. 

 The sound of the creek gave way to the sound of kindling being broken in half. That’s the sound my shoulder makes when it falls out of its socket. Things are uncomfortable. 

When it doesn’t go back in, I panic. This has plagued me for 13 years and most of the time I can get it back in right away but I’m really tense and so it could be out until I get help. How do I get down a class 4 climb with a dislocated shoulder? 

I sit down and breathe slowly, swallow a couple I vitamins.

The sound of breath gives way to the sound of a creaky door slam. It’s IN! 

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