Under the Sun

Death Valley, Hanuapah Canyon, Lowest to Highest Route, Oct. 7 2015

My thermometer reads 102 degrees and I have 1.5 litres of water for 9 miles. Things are about to get uncomfortable. 

Tick Tock and Carrot disappear into a wash and I backtrack to make sure they’re OK. “I can’t stop, I’m almost out of water,” I yell down to them. They’re OK, they’ve found a sliver of shade to flee the unforgiving heat. 


3 miles before Hanuapah Spring I’m experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion- rapid pulse, dizziness, and, headache. It thrills and scares me all the same. 

At the spring I chug two liters of water and it hurts my stomach. Then I find some shade and I’m suddenly cold so I put on my down jacket and cover myself with my sleeping bag and fall into a deep sleep. 

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