Me Own Cowboys

Grand Enchantment Trail, Me Own Outhouse, April 2015

A short distance from the outhouse I can smell a fire. I sniff. Again. Sniff. Again. Am I hallucinating? Sometimes this happens, when you want something so bad you can smell it, or see it, or dream about it.

This time my brain isn’t messin’ around. Four cowboys have built an extravagant camp near the outhouse. Not only do they have a fire, they have a kitchen, three tents with cots and wood burning stoves, and beer.

I coyly tell them I’m going to stay inside the outhouse until the blizzard subsides. They look perplexed. I wonder how long it’s going to take them to ask me to the fire.

One of the cowboys slowly approaches and it seems like he’s trying to figure out what to say…

“Hey listen Little Gal, I’m havin’ stomach problems, this ain’t gonna work.”


8 thoughts on “Me Own Cowboys

  1. Your readers should understand that “Me Own” (variation on MeOwn) is a placename ascribed to several features in this part of Gila Country, including Me Own Hill, Me Own Tank, Me Own Airstrip, and Me Own Helitack Base. So it only makes sense that there would also be Me Own Cowboys and Me Own Outhouses, not to mention Me Own Cigarettes and Me Own Bud Lite.

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      1. Me, you, and Smokey too. It’s all public land with legal access, ‘cept for locked buildings and stuff. I don’t know the history of how Me Own got its name, but would guess that Me Own Hill was named first and the rest of it followed over the years.


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