My Roomate

My work schedule says I’ll be in “the field” for 10 days at a time; the field is a 65 mile section of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. It winds through biologically diverse woodland forest and over modest highlands called “The Berkshires.” Not Berk- Shy-Are but Berk-Sure. 

Fellow Ridge Runner “Hashbrown”

When I’m not in the field, I live at the Kellogg Conservation Center in South Egremont, Massachusetts; a farmhouse built in 1744 and home to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Appalachian Mountain Club.  

Ridge Runners don’t sleep in the house. We are given a modest canvas tent on the property with access to a kitchen, bathroom, and library in the house.

The tents come with bug netting but they manage to make their way in. There are green worms, black worms, flies, mosquitos, little black bugs, and a modest command of spiders that eat them. 

Before bed I hunt mosquitos and place them in a spider’s web next to my cot. I like this spider in particular, once she combined two mosquitos and ate them simultaneously. I think we’ll be good roommates. 

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