Who's Brave?

Whenever I travel alone I attract lots of attention…because I’m a woman and a vagabond. I think some people give me more respect than they would a male vagabond. It also helps that I look like Punky Brewster.

Guys with tattoos with names like “Grizzly” and guys who’ve out-witted Hell’s Angels and guys with serious business to attend to, turn into putty when they find out what I’m doing. “You’re the bravest Little Gal I’ve ever met!” and “You’ve got bigger balls than me!” and “You’re not carrying a gun? Hell I’d carry a gun!”

Anyway, I’m no braver than my male counterparts. Because I’m a woman that doesn’t mean long distance hiking is more difficult or dangerous (except for sexual harassment, women are more sexually harassed than men) What is brave about being a female long distance hiker is going against societal norms. You know, smelling like Ass instead of Vanilla Bean, not shaving, not caring about beauty standards because WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT AND WHO CARES when there are miles to hike, or babies to take care of, or companies to run.

Hiking the Grand Enchantment Trail was very empowering and I’ve already got some ideas for the next adventure…but it’s time to go back to work folks. MO MONEY MO MILES.

Thanks for following everybody!

See yar’ll in the Appalachians this summer! Happy Trails!

Rainbow: New Mexico: Grand Enchantment Trail
Rainbow: New Mexico: Grand Enchantment Trail

9 thoughts on “Who's Brave?

  1. You’re tough, ballsy and full of sass and vinegar- it makes you- well you! I think you’re being a bit harsh on yourself calling yourself a vagabond! You’re a strong woman with an alternative lifestyle- one most of us wish we’d had the guts to follow instead of bowing to the so called norms of society. Rock on Chance!


  2. Well said Chance. You are a girl of my own heart! Fuck the makeup, perfume and societal ‘norms’. Let us strong women keep on doing what we do best! X


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