Kurt Cobain-ING

You might appreciate 2wd and 4wd roads on routes because of a wide corridor, no blow downs, easy navigation, a moment to zone out, forward progress, creative puke…

“Why such low mileage?” (20 mile days) a friend asks me while I’m hiking the Te Araroa. She has yet to experience tread that tries to bend and fold you. If I cannot put that “30” mile mark in my daily blog, what does it matter? Sub 30…what a shame!  They’ve started long distance hiking at a time of FKT’s, Wild, sponsorship, pretty faces…thru-hiking is becoming mainstream.

You don’t have to be an accomplished thru-hiker to be “sponsored.” Hiked the JMT? You can be sponsored!

Who gives a shit.

What is happening?

I’m just going to keep hiking…

Where's the trail? 1-2 mph tread in New Zealand
Where’s the trail? 1-2 mph tread in New Zealand
Walking a road to Whitney Portal CG on the Lowest to Highest Route, no complaints
Walking a road to Whitney Portal CG on the Lowest to Highest Route, no complaints

4 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain-ING

  1. I’ve done some walking in NZ and completely agree – it’s beautiful, rugged, and (mostly) not 30 miles per day country. But then, if all you are doing is pushing for big mileage every day (and you are not a professional endurance athlete), then what are you really accomplishing?! Are you still enjoying your surroundings, or just grinding through on autopilot? I accept that long hikes demand this sometimes, but just counting down miles starts to sound a lot like work. I will always prefer getting off trail and going cross-country where the mileage is lower but the terrain is challenging, spectacular and rewarding. Sponsored *speed hikers* (?!?) – seriously? No problem, I’ll step aside and let them pass, and then get on with enjoying my walk.

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  2. Lawrence Welk was sponsored and that was a fine, wholesome show. A little old fashioned maybe. So the concept isn’t new, it’s just devolved to the point where a mannequin could get sponsored if it walked and talked and looked good in hiking clothes. Mannequins on the move. As for the notion of being passed by speed hikers, attendant hiking caste system debates, and mulling over all this crap from the confines of a sleeping bag each night – it’s an established trail thing, mostly. If it strikes, then there you are. There are antidotes a-plenty, no prescription needed.


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