In these Woods 

San Mateo Mountains 

I’m singing along to some god awful song when I see a bear cub run across the trail. I rip out my headphones and pause. I know what’s about to happen… I yell “Hey Bear!” 

Sure enough, Mama Bear bluff charges me, but sort of politely just to say “Get out of here!” 

Yes Ma’am.
I turn and walk the other direction listening for her…phew she’s not following…wait a couple minutes…f$&@ what if there’s a carcass? 

When I proceed I make lots of noise, Ca Caws and Warrior Princess calls. 

White Creek Admin Cabin

Every little noise wakes me up. Tonight some deer or elk? make silly breathing noises around my shelter and I’ve had enough! I’m exhausted! I stick my head out, shine my headlamp on them and yell “shoo!” very politely. They just stare at me and blink. 

And then this very deep manly “she-hiker” WWF voice yells “Get outta hereeeee!” 

I surprise myself sometimes.

They never came back. 

6 thoughts on “In these Woods 

  1. You have no idea how excited I get whenever I see a blog post from you in my inbox. I loved the Instagram pic that preceded this story. Found the contrast in fear between dealing with a real animal vs running into a bear very telling. Glad you survived both unscathed. Keep the tales coming; I look forward to them. Be safe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chance, you are hilarious in the face of danger! Thanks for taking the time to post your stories. Love them!

    I’m sure you would rather confront a mama bear than a creepy ranch hand, yes? So sorry that happened to you :(.


  3. I can’t explain it, but you somehow always manage to take me back to the trail. That pic of your map and your beer made me wonder if you wouldn’t mind doing a Dos Equise comercail. A serious type of halarious commercial.
    Just Bruce


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