The Little Grand Canyon

April 13, 2015 

I took a hiatus from the GET and went to the first annual CDT kick-off event in Silver City, New Mexico. I had too many beers and met all the sexy thru-hiking celebrities. Then “All Good” drove me back to Mammoth and I resumed my hike. 


The night before I enter Aravaipa Canyon, Arizona’s “Little Grand Canyon,” I meet a guy, who’s ears I like, at the Bradenburg Ranger Station and he’s about to embark on a Skurka backpacking trip. I ask him if he’s on a rumspringa and then talk shit about Skurka. He’s put off. 

Well anyway, here’s Aravaipa! 


Half way through I pass a tree that’s shaking and making grunting noises. I see a baby javelina, then I see the mother running towards me. She is pissed. I just play it cool and keep walking. When I look back at her she gets scared, then charges me again. This is her kingdom! “Pardon me.” 



Aravaipa takes my breath away. So do angry Javelinas. 


After Aravaipa, I navigate a sandy and rocky wash to the forsaken town of Klondyke, my third resupply. Here I pick up my food drop in a broken freezer behind the town’s closed general store. 




Out of no where a moody black cloud rolls in and pours all its emotions on me, just me. I can see stars beyond it. I move into a campground privy and its so nice to have a toilet and running water within arms reach. I could live in here. 


4 thoughts on “The Little Grand Canyon

  1. My husband and I stopped at Little Toad Creek a couple of weeks ago before we hiked through the Gila. The food and beer were fantastic, and the people were so nice! Glad you’re having fun on the GET!

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