Happy International Women’s Day! I want to dedicate this day to Moonshine, who passed away in 2013. She was one of the most badass female hikers I’ve ever met.

I met Moonshine on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012. She was hiking 30 mile days and smoked a helluva lotta tobacco to be such a good hiker. She was independent, tough, sensitive, dark and joyous. We first hung out at Kennedy Meadows where we washed the last 700 miles of desert off in the Kern River and drank beer like it was gonna save us. After the PCT there was talk about hiking the Appalachian Trail together but she was gone before hiking season.

me and Moonshine
me and Moonshine at Hart’s Pass

Please please where ever you are, who ever you are, look at your friends and loved ones and tell them how much you appreciate them!

6 thoughts on “Moonshine

  1. Positive energy headed your way, Chance! Your life was better having the opportunity to have Moonshine in your life. We often forget how fragile our lives can be. I lost my dearest frind, my sister by choice 5 years ago come October. She died very suddenly at age 55. We spoke every Sunday night, so it’s been a tender day/time to me ever since. No coincidence I’m reading this right now. Perhaps Moonshine & Susan are having a party together in the afterlife! Who knows? I’m offering good vibes to both and to you as well as we honor 2 incredible double Xers!


  2. Dollars to donuts you were huge in her days. We are all going to follow her, hope I can keep up. Chance, get up and go look at yourself in the mirror, that’s “special” you see looking back.


  3. I wouldn’t want to be on any trail with just a bunch of guy’s with there mindless ego’s. The Trails are so much more beautiful with people like Moonshine and so many others. Thanks for sharing it with us Chance.. Hike On!!


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