Te Araroa: Food

*Note: I use the cold soak method

Breakfast: Quick Oats with raisins, chia seeds, powdered yogurt (strawberry), and Milo, a chocolate and malt powder

Dinner: Ramen with brown rice, quinoa, chia, and peas

-ramen hydrates well in cold water

-I buy the Sun Rice brand steamed rice & quinoa

Snacks: crackers and salami, chocolate, dried bananas, potato or corn chips, pretzels, muesli bars

Coffee: there are a lot of instant coffee choices here unlike in the States! I like to have a “cuppa” mid day for a boost!

Things I miss that NZ doesn’t have: GU gels, Nuun electrolyte tablets, Lays chips

7 thoughts on “Te Araroa: Food

  1. I admire your ability to have such a simple diet that isn’t as trashy as many of us on trail! Do you get much variety, or just kinda stick to the same old thing? How is it discovering the right foods to carry in a different country? Have you always eaten like this on trail, or did it come over time?? Have I asked to many questions? How about now?

    Always look forward to your updates! Keep on tramping!

    – R.R. Butters


    1. Hey!!!!! Wish I could of hung out with you guys more in Bellingham but I was on an awkward date that night :/ Anyway! This diet came to me over time, I learned from other long distance hikers. I try and cut out all the shit food like candy


      1. Bahaha! Yea that was fun, wish we’d all had more time to hang out too! One of the closing pages in one of the greatest chapters of my life.

        If it came over time, then there is hope for me yet!


      1. I don’t know if I’m ready for food to not be enjoyable, but it would certainly be a good step! Easier to go stove-less from there…

        I’m thinking CDT ’16 but I’m always dreaming and checking out other options!

        When will you finish your L2H entries? I’ve enjoyed those thoroughly.

        Have you thought of another trail yet???


      2. Hey Kyle, when it’s cold I miss hot food. Like, I would love to have a stove in the Sierras ya know? But Norcal is so hot whatever. I think I want to do the PNT next…not sure yet. They Hayduke trail interests me a lot and also the Great Divide trail in Canada.


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