Hike Naked Day

PCT Day 58 June 21, 2014

Sierra City to West Branch Nelson Creek 27 miles

June 21 is officially Hike Naked Day. I’ve never participated because I’m a Never Nude.

Just kidding, I’m too shy.

Over the years I’ve heard stories of hikers becoming horribly sunburned on their nether regions, of pack chafe, of coming across a group of children or old ladies and people who find nudity appalling.

My hiking partner Mac experienced all of these. He walked out of Sierra City unyielding, unabashed, and uncircumcised.

But what is it like to hike with a naked man? Aside from the obvious things, like giving a heads up to old ladies and awkward snack breaks where I try and act like I’m not sitting next to a naked man, there are the unexpected things…

After a comical encounter with a group of male mountain bikers, Mac disappeared into the bushes for a bowel movement. I decided to wait. Normally I would hike on but I was enjoying the view from behind.


When he came back I noticed something brown smeared across his left butt cheek.

“OMG Mac you have shit on your ass! Where did you learn to wipe?”

And like all good hiking partners, I wiped it off for him– unyielding, unabashed and business like.

7 thoughts on “Hike Naked Day

  1. I have to say that the past 30 or so minutes of my life I have spent reading back in time. Bunch of smiles and laughter along the way. You may not be a writer but honestly this has been an enjoyable read. Thank you. Excited to see what adventures your blog brings me on.


  2. Chance, I’ve been reading your exploits in the L2H, but this post cracked me up! I love trail lore! Damn, I miss being out there! The L2H is on my bucket list for next year right after my wife and I ride or bikes cross country on the Transamerica Trail. Thanks for blogging about the hike. Fun reading!


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